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Whether you want a fun, Saturday morning, $20 helicopter ride, or an exquisite wine tour to share with your significant other, we  at Jerry Trimble Helicopters are committed to providing a memorable event.  Call to schedule your adventure today!

-$20 helicopter rides

-Aerial Photography flights

-Sight-seeing flights

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Aerial Photography

Jerry Trimble Helicopters is available for all forms of aerial photography and survey work.  Our experienced pilots and state of the art Robinson fleet provide a highly capable aerial platform at the market’s most competitive rates

Prices start at $250 per hour for a Robinson R22 and $486 per hour for a Robinson R-44.  Both helicopters have removable doors for optimal visibility and provide a smooth and safe ride for surveyors and/or photographers.  Let us know your requirements, and Jerry Trimble Helicopters will provide first-class service coupled with the capability to be ready and standing by on very short notice.

R22 R44
Cruises at 90-100 mph
2.5 Hour Fuel Range
2 Seats
Cruises at 120-130 mph
3 Hour Fuel Range
4 Seats

Corporations and individuals have taken advantage of aerial work utilizing a helicopter for many of the following:

Commercial Photography/Filming:

Our pilots are highly trained to ensure shooting your project yields the most professional photos and videos. The doors to each helicopter are fully removable to allow for optimal visibility.  Our black R44 Raven II makes an excellent platform or story vehicle and has additional room for a variety of camera equipment.

Aerial Surveys

Pipeline/Power Line Patrol:

The fastest and most effective way to monitor power lines and pipelines for damage is from the air. Aerial patrol is an effective means of rapidly covering broad areas of remote power and pipeline assets. The focus of any patrol can be tailored to address specific needs due to environmental circumstances or regulatory changes.

Real Estate Survey:

Architects and real estate developers benefit from aerial surveys for project feasibility studies, evaluating potential sites onward through the entire construction process. Aerial survey is also a valuable marketing tool for developers.  Survey from a helicopter is the surest way to see exactly where development begins, and ends, as visibility from the ground is extremely limited in densely populated areas.

Field-Dirt Drying:

How much is wet soil costing you every hour or every day? Jerry Trimble Helicopters can reduce down time by utilizing the down wash from the rotors to help speed up the drying process. The helicopter will hover over the ground at 1 to 3 feet and disperse the airflow over saturated construction sites, wet concrete, and sporting greens.

Frost Protection:

In regions susceptible to losses from the untimely onset of frost, helicopters can be utilized on an as-needed basis to protect valuable crops from damage and destruction. Utilizing the rotor down wash effect, our helicopters gently circulate warm exhaust air around the plants protecting them from destructive frost.

Sight Seeing / Wine Tours

Jerry Trimble Helicopters is proud to offer private and exclusive scenic flights of the Willamette Valley’s most beautiful wineries. Located just minutes from the historic Red Hills of Dundee, JTH is poised to offer awe-inspiring aerial tours of Oregon’s famous wine country, the majestic coastline and downtown Portland. Each tour is flown in a modern, luxurious 4-place (3 passenger) helicopter which provides each passenger with unobstructed views of the landscape below.


Premium Flight

  • 30-40 minutes
  • 1-3 passengers
  • $355 Total

Reserve Flight

  • 20-30 minutes
  • 1-3 passengers
  • $287 Total

The helicopter is also available for longer flights.  There is a 1/2 hour minimum @ $486/hour.  We are happy to provide scenic flights to almost any location.  Enjoy a video of your flight to the Oregon Coast.

Oregon Coast Flight

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