Instrument Training

Whether you’re a career minded pilot, or just flying for fun, an instrument rating will give you the tools and knowledge needed to become a safer and more marketable pilot. With no required prerequisites you may begin your training immediately.  You’re first steps in obtaining your instrument rating will be learning the basics of flying the aircraft with sole reference to your instruments using our TH-100 Simulator and available rotorcraft/fixed wing trainers.  Once you understand the basics of controlling the helicopter under instruments you will move on to learn proper navigation (VORs, NDBs, GPS, etc) along with departure and approach procedures.



Instrument Rotorcraft – Assumes Existing Private*
Description  Cost
5 hours dual R22 Beta II instrument instruction rate @ $275/hour  $    1,375
** 10 hours instrument insturuction C-172 @ $150/hour  $    1,500
20 hours ground training @ $40/hour  $       800
20 hours Simulator with instructor @ $95/hour  $    1,900
Written + books  $       300
Examiner fee + checkride ($700 examiner fee and 2 hours @ $275/hour)  $    1,250
Total Price for Instrument Certicicate  $   7,125


*The hours are FAA required minimums, every student learns at a different pace.

** Cessna 172 flight time is optional and can be substituted for a helicopter