International Students

Jerry Trimble Helicopters welcomes international students to come train with us! We are a Part 61 flight school, so we do not issue student visa’s. If you are a just beginning your flight training, you will need to attend an FAA accredited Part 141 flight school. After you become a rated pilot, you can then choose to further advance your flight training with us! If you are a Foreign Pilot wanting to come to the US, below are the steps you would need to take in order to come fly with us. And of course, if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. (503) 577-6371

TSA Clearance 

You will first need to log on to the TSA website ( ) and go to “Create New Student Account” in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Once you have registered, you will receive an email from TSA with your user name and password. Now you can log in and begin to fill in the TSA information. Their website has pretty clear instructions on how to submit all the paperwork .  Here are some of the fields you will need to answer:


1. State: Oregon
2. Provider Name: Jerry Trimble Helicopters
3. Course ID number: 101 (for private) 201 (for commercial) 301 (for instrument) 401 (for ATP)
4. Course Name: Private, Commercial, Instrument or ATP
5. Course description: Private, Commercial, Instrument or ATP
6. Aircraft Type: Robinson R-22 or Robinson R-44
7. Start date – End date:  Put the dates you anticipate being at JTH
8. Request Category Under 12500 Lbs CAT III.

The TSA will then send an email verifying the information, along with fingerprint instructions. Keep the fingerprint instructions and bring a copy of them when you come to JTH.

When you arrive at JTH, we will schedule an appointment for you to get fingerprinted. Once the final clearance comes through, you will be able to begin your training. This typically takes 4-5 days.


Foreign License Validation Instructions

Letter of Verification

Go to
for general instructions and to fill out foreign license verification form

In addition to the procedures stated under Verification of Authenticity of Foreign license, Rating and Medical Certification above, airmen from the United Kingdom, Australia or Malaysia must contact their respective CAA to complete additional forms that are required PRIOR to providing the requested information to the Airmen Certification Branch, AFS-760. This is the link to the Australia form:

Send the following documents to the FAA:

  • Verification of Authenticity of Foreign License (PDF) On this form, you will be required to identify the FSDO at which you intend to apply for the U.S. cert. (PDX-FSDO NM-09). If you want the Letter emailed, put your email address in block 4a. Or, you can put the address of JTH in this block:  4050 SE Nimbus Loop, McMinnville, Oregon 97128. This makes the process much faster.
  • Foreign license
  • Medical license

These can be sent three ways:


Federal Aviation Administration
Airmen Certification Branch, AFS-760
P.O. Box 25082
Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0082


(405) 954-9922

By Email

Please email the signed application and documents to
NOTE: We currently do not accept digital signatures. We require that the application be signed in ink prior to scanning and transmission

NOTE: If your application and documentation for foreign verification is received with missing and/or illegible information, you will be notified and required to resend your application and all required documentation by mail.
Once the FAA gets the information(foreign license, medical and verification form), they will contact the CAA to confirm the student’s  foreign license. You will get the letter of authenticity (45-60 days later). You will need to let me know and I can make an appointment with the FSDO here where they will issue the US Private based on your Foreign License. When you arrive at JTH, we will take you to meet with the FAA. Be sure and bring your Letter of Verification with you.