Vertical Reference/External Load Training

Jerry Trimble Helicopters is pleased to offer vertical reference and external load training in the Robinson R-22, R-44, and R-66. Training will be given by high time pilots with many hours of real world long line experience. Our instructors have worked for operators such as Erickson and HTS. Students will start out with vertical reference training and transition to external load operations. Line length will vary from 50′ – 200′.

The basic long line course will consist of 10 hours of flight and ground instruction in the R-44. The cost for the basic course is $7,000. The package price also includes housing, PDX transfers and course materials.

Training can also be customized to the needs of the student.

Call Alison for details at (503) 577-6371.

Students required to arrive prepared with helmet, boots, and gloves.

*Only available at our McMinnville, OR base!*