Call for more information about our satellite locations in Thermal, CA (seasonal), Smithville, TX & Oak Island, NC (year round).
We offer fast, high-quality primary and advanced flight training in the Robinson R-22 and R-44, specializing in touchdown auto instruction. Our flight instructor, Jerry Trimble, has been flying the Robinson since pre-certification.Read More »
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Jerry Trimble Helicopters is excited to announce an additional flight training base in Smithville, TX (84R). McMinnville, OR remains our primary base of operation, the R-22 will be available for flight training & scenic flights in Central Texas. Read More »
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Learn to Fly!

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  • 4th Annual Touchdown Auto Rotation competitionJTH 4th Annual Touchdown Autorotation Contest

    Summer Fun with Jerry Trimble Helicopters

    McMinnville, OR April 21, 2014: Jerry Trimble Helicopters (JTH) is planning a fun summer at the McMinnville, OR airport
    Posted on April 22, 2014