If you are looking to build flight time or just need to get away for the weekend, renting one of our aircraft could be perfect for you.

We require a minimum of 5 hours of dual flight training prior to being checked out to rent from JTH. Please note that 5 hours is a minimum and more flight time may be necessary for proficiency.

We reserve the right to refuse aircraft rental to anyone.

Rental Prices


R-22 HP/Alpha/Beta – $205/hour solo; Instructor $40/hour

R-22 Beta II – $235/hour solo; Instructor $40/hour 

R-44 Raven I – $415/hour solo; Instructor $60/hour

R-44 Raven II – $441/hour solo; Instructor $60/hour

R-66 – $795/hour dual ($695 for a block of 5 hours or more)

Fixed Wing

Cessna 172 – $110/hour solo; Instructor $40/hour

Piper Arrow – $155/hour solo; Instructor $40/hour

Piper Aztec – $295/hour solo; Instructor $70/hour