Elite TH-100 Simulator

FAA Advanced ATD Certification

  • Single engine turbine characteristics

  • Modeled after the Eurocopter AS-350

  • 23 inch LCD instrument panel

  • Radar altimeter


  • GNS 430 WAAS

  • NAV 2 / Com 2

  • ALT / VSI preselect

  • Audio panel

  • Flight director / AP

  • Transponder

  • Turbine throttle unit

  • Rotor brake

  • Collective friction

  • Cyclic and anti-torque pedal dampening

  • Adjustable anti-torque pedals

  • External visual display system (image generator and 55 inch LCD TV)


RedBird LD

Our RedBird LD is a FAA certified Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) configured for multi-engine training.   This simulator provides a great opportunity to build flight proficiency at a fraction of the cost of aircraft rental.

Time can be logged towards the following ratings:

Instrument Rating up to 20 hours

Private Pilot Certificate 2.5 hours

Commercial Pilot Certificate 50 hours

Airline Transport Pilot Certificate 25 hours