CFI Training Course

Course Prerequisites

Commercial Rotorcraft Helicopter Certificate

Valid third class medical for the checkride

Have passed the knowledge test(s) on the fundamentals of instruction and aeronautical knowledge for rotorcraft helicopter. (Tests may be taken at our McMinnville OR location for $150 per test.)

Current to Commercial standards in the Robinson R22 (currency may be obtained at JTH at $245/hour dual instruction)

Have a training week and check ride scheduled with JTH

Course Includes

Week-long course

30 hours ground training

10 hours dual flight training in the Robinson R-22

CFI Checkride


10 hours dual in Robinson R-22 with Jerry Trimble plus pre and post flight instruction

30 hours ground training for CFI

Helicopter rental fee for check ride of $205/hour and examiner fee ($900)

Course rates and remedial training, $245/hour for the helicopter and $75/hour for the ground instruction

Course fee due on arrival at McMinnville. Any amounts unused will be refunded to the customer except for deposit

Flight training will be conducted by Jerry Trimble or a senior JTH instructor as required

Course Total $6,360